Linguistics & Cognitive Science


Articles published in 2013-2017

Effect of Early Language Education on Students' Academic Performance: the POMNATHS case study. The Proceedings of the LSPNG 2016 Conference @ Ukarumpa, EHP PNG, pp. 52-79.

Effect of Early Language Education on UPNG Students' Academic Performance. LLM Vol. 33/2 2015, pp.77-92

Pragmatic Education Strategies for Sustainable National Development. Proceedings of RST UPNG Sci. Conf. Nov. 2014, pp. 47-57. SNPS UPNG ISBN: 978-9980-84-966-3

Dialectical Analysis of Kuanua & Tok Pisin Sentences. LLM Vol. 32/2 2014, pp. 76-85.

The Syntax of Semantics: the basics of building complex structures of meaning. LLM Vol. 31/2 2013.

Language & Linguistics in Melanesia Vol. 30 No. 2, 2012
Language & Linguistics in Melanesia Vol. 29, December 2011
The South Pacific Journal of Philosophy & Culture Vol. 10, 2008-2009
The Papua New Guinea Journal of English Studies Vol. 1, June 2009
Pacific Journal of Medical Sciences Vol. 7 No. 2, December 2010

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